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21.5.2024Simsonots.eu New Edition!
29.9.2021Simsonots.eu New Update!
27.3.2020Over 10 years Server Simson OTS!
14.2.2018Simson OTS New Update!
18.2.2016Simson OTS NEW UPDATE!
6.4.2015Over 6 years Simson OTS Server !!!!!!
31.10.2013More than 4 years Simson OTS Server !!!!
14.3.2013Simson OTS NEW UPDATE!
12.12.2012Simson OTS UPDATE!
12.11.2012Simson OTS PK SHOP!
1.9.2012Simson OTS Arenas
29.8.2012Competition for the most beautiful HOUSE
19.7.2012Simson OTS New Domain
25.5.2012More than 3 years Simson OTS !!!
30.12.2011Simson OTS UPDATE
5.9.2011Simson OTS 120 Quest Done
5.6.2011Simson OTS Tantal
29.3.20112 years Simson OTS Server !!
11.2.2011Simson OTS 100 Quest Done
14.9.2010Simson OTS 90 Quest Done
15.7.2010Simson OTS 8.60
29.6.2010Simson OTS UPDATE
22.5.2010Simson OTS New Houses + Raids
23.4.2010Over a year Being Server Simson OTS
10.2.2010Simson Ots INQ
18.1.2010Simson OTS Login Server
12.1.2010Simson OTS City And Edron
16.12.2009Simson OTS 8.54
28.11.2009Simson OTS City And Ankrahmun
31.10.2009Simson OTS Kazordoon And Vintera
27.10.2009Simson OTS New Promotion
20.10.2009Simson OTS Guild Wars
1.10.2009Simson OTS Ab Dendriel and Kalwaria
8.9.2009Simson OTS Carlin,Port Hope and Tiquanda
7.8.2009Simson OTS Venore And Ankaros
19.7.2009Simson OTS POI
12.7.2009Simson OTS Thais And Expgard
23.6.2009Simson OTS Port hope and Cinedria
15.6.2009Simson OTS New Quests
12.6.2009Simson OTS SHOP
11.6.2009Simson OTS New Spells
31.5.2009Simson OTS New Monsters
22.5.2009Simson OTS Rookgaard
16.5.2009Simson OTS 8.42
18.4.2009Simson OTS Trophy i Rusty Remover
29.3.2009Simson OTS Start

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5. RangriLevel: (8)
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