29.9.2021 - Simsonots.eu New Update!

New Quests, Exp, Monsters and Paintball Event.

Added Amber Chamber Quest (lvl 600 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Nightmare, Destroyer, Behemoth, Demon. Dark Torturer, Ghastly Dragon, Hellhound, Demon Lord, Xerxes, Magnat, Golden Magnat, Blue Demon, Zorobaster + Boss Amberos.

Added Annihilator VIII Quest (lvl 1700 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Green Demon.

Added Phenomenal Quest (lvl 1777 +)

zobacz quest w pełnej okazałości.

presence of monsters on the quest

Energy Master, Infernal Demon, Ringo, Ziraptor, Undead Draxer, Golden Demon, Diaber, Balix + Boss Durin.

Added Pits of Inferno X Quest (lvl 2800 +)

presence of monsters on the quest

Diblonik Xmastersonsers, Deranox Xmastersos, Nigaron Xmastersos, Phantosinaso Xmastersos, Sprinera Xmastersos, Son of Xverinosonsers, Brightriker Xmasterangersonsers, Wrinerans Xmastersos, Plaganes Xmastersos, Demonix Xmastersonesos, Fury Xmastersonsers, Dark Tortur Xmastersos, Lost Soulans Xmastersos, Super Fire Xmastersonsers, Handen of Cursed Xmastersonsers, Hellhound Xmasterso, Undead Uner Xmastersos, Bezeraker Xmastersos, Hard Poi Master, Hardcore Poi Master, Powerful Poi Master.

Added new Task with monster Infernal Demon after performing the task, you will receive the boss Intelar.

Created New hunting grounds with new monsters.

Orc Gladiator, Energy Master, Infernal Demon, Ringo, Undead Draxer, Diaber, Balix.

Added Paintball Event

Więcej informacji o tym evencie znajdziecie klikając na poniższy obrazek:

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