6.4.2015 - Over 6 years Simson OTS Server !!!!!!

This opportunity arose New Quests, Raids, New Event, Top Task Makers, Top Quest Makers and Exp!

Added Tactical Quest (lvl 800 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Juggernaut, Diblonik Masters, Deranox, Nigaron, Sonic, Fury Masters, Plaganes, Demonic Masterson, Dark Tortur, Super Fire Masters, Undead Uners + Boss Tactic.

Added Arathar Quest (lvl 900 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

The Count, Drozer, Ghastly Dragon, Diblonik Masterson, Nigaron Master, Deranox Master, Demonic Mastersones, Dark Tortur Master, Hellhound Master, Undead Uner Master.

Added Underground Jungle Quest (lvl 1000 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Gianters, Ghastly Dragon, Sanger, Santic, Magneton, Levis, Mycid + Boss Rahelion.

Added Demon Helmet VII Quest (lvl 1400 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Ziraptor, Bezeraker Masters.

Dodano Pits of Inferno VIII Quest (lvl 1500 +)

at the POI is also additional seal so good luck ^^

the presence of monsters in the quest

Diblonik Mastersonser, Deranox Masterso, Nigaron Masterso, Phantosinaso Masterso, Sprinera Masterso, Son of verinosonser, Brightriker Masterangersonser, Wrinerans Masterso, Plaganes Masterso, Demonix Mastersoneso, Fury Mastersonser, Dark Tortur Masterso, Lost Soulans Masterso, Super Fire Mastersonser, handen of cursed mastersonser, Hellhound Masterso, Undead Uner Masterso, Bezeraker Masterso, Legend Poi Master, Ultimate Poi Master, Eternal Poi Master.

Added Lobotomy Quest (lvl 1777 +)

zobacz quest w większej okazałości.

the presence of monsters in the quest

Santic, Magneton, Blue Demon, Sonic, Levis, Nigaron Masters, Fury Mastersons, Demonix Mastersones, Dark Tortur Masters, Hellhound Masters, Undead Uner Masters + Boss Lomber.

Added King of The Pharaohs Quest (lvl 2400 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Linders, Mycid, Diblonik Mastersonser, Deranox Masterso, Nigaron Masterso, Plaganes Masterso, Demonix Mastersoneso, Brightriker Masterangersonser, Lost Soulans Masterso, Wrinerans Masterso, Dark Tortur Masterso, handen of cursed mastersonser, Undead Uner Masterso, Bezeraker Masterso + Boss Terofar.

Added Swim Event.

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

Added new tab Top Quest Makers!

Added new tab Top Task Makers!

added a bookmark with a list of scripts to ElfBots.

in account management added the ability to hide outfit, equipment, hp and mana, last exp, skills, quests, death, frag. practically everything that appears on the search characters.

added new exp with monsters

Raidens, Rift Scythe, Letheus, Aquamentin, Trinsein, Wingor, Gianters, Medusa, Sanger, Dines, Ghastly Dragon, Ice Master, Undead Tritonis, Santic, Nertal, Derbit, Levis.

Added new Raids with monsters

Giant Spider, Hero, Black Knight, Wyrm, Hydra, Warlock, Infernalist, Nightmare, Giantera, Brainiak, Letheus, Aquamentin, Trinsein, Dines, Devil Minion, Ice Demon, Deathes, Ghastly Dragon, Boss Razalez, Boss Ramentar.

added new promotions Eternal more info NPC Promoter.

in sms shopie added mount paw After its use for a specified amount of time obtained a mount!

on the occasion of more than 6 years of server Simson OTS will attack different final bosses + exp, m lvl, skills and loot for a period of six days will be doubled! Server Info.

Server Simson OTS was created 29 march 2009 year.

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