12.12.2012 - Simson OTS UPDATE!

New Quests, Tasks, Raids.

Added six new Quests Average Arena Quest (lvl 400 +), Strong Arena Quest (lvl 600 +), Enigmatic Quest (lvl 650 +),
Secret Underground Quest (lvl 777 +), Hard Arena Quest (lvl 800 +), Dungeon Quest (lvl 900 +).

added twenty new tasks!

Versus, Sambers, Plantasmers, Dines, Devil Minions (boss Devil Atom), Deathes, Entrezs, Wingors,
Bringers, Gianters, Juggernauts (Boss Monstor), Hellspawns (Boss Flameborn), Golems, Raptors, Black Devils,
Derbits, Morgades (Boss Diablo), Nerazins (Boss Baal), Goldares (Boss Apocalypse), Linders (Boss Infernatil).

added two new rallies in Ankaros and twenty new rallies in the City!

Raids in Ankaros. Phrodomo, Phrazer.
Raidy w City. Panda, Orc, Minotaur, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental, Energy Elemental, Earth Elemental, Crystal Spider
Frost Dragon, Versus, Samber, Hellspawn, Behemoth, Demon, Grim Reaper, Hellhound, Wingor, Raidens, Golem, Magnat.

on the server is more than one hundred and thirty raids, all the raids will now appear more often can be seen in a new tab Raids

Improved visual system graphic Town City.

the performance of all mana and health potions increased by 30%

in the City City for a month appeared NPC from the sale of firecrackers Sylwester (Sylwester)

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