25.5.2012 - More than 3 years Simson OTS !!!

on this occasion they created new quests, cottages, Taski.

Added Quests Excavation, Galactic, Inquisition VI, Labirynt VI, Emporium, Secret of The God Quests.

in the City City built 33 new homes!

added a new travel more info Ultimate NPC Promoter.

added 30 new tasków! More information in new tab Tasks

A list of all new monsters and bosses.

Plantasmer,Drozer,Septor,The Many,Stonecracker,Usherion, Zaptorion,Medron,Ginterion,Aberion,Hagerion,Energizer,Emperor,Zogaroth.

also added an automatic search of free trainers

More information can be found on the server side SimsonOTS Wiki

on the occasion of over 3 years of existence, the server will attack different bosses
+ Exp end, m lvl, skills and loot for a period of three days is doubled! server info

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3. Warum IchLevel: (3242)
4. Zajaraj ZioloLevel: (3174)
5. ElderoLevel: (2652)
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