29.8.2012 - Competition for the most beautiful HOUSE


We decided to prepare a competition for the most beautiful house.
It will involve the fact that players nicely decorate their houses in order to best present them before
They make a screenshot and send it to the
the topic

1st place - magic necklace + 600 points

2st place - king armor + 500 points

3st place - pharaohs ring + 300 points

The competition runs from 29.08.12 down 05.09.12

Screenshots please send Forum

If he wins the cottage we will not be what in the picture, or the person is not the owner, the person eliminated from the competition, and the list of winners moves one field to the top.

Results: 1m FaYka, Stock 2m, 3m Cypu. (Awards sent to the deposit City)

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