Best Evo Ots New Start!

18.2.2016 - Simson OTS NEW UPDATE!

New Quests, Spells, Exp, Tasks and Characters Auctions.

Added Tasmania Quest (lvl 1666 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Ghastly Dragon, Santic, Magneton, Sonic, Golden Magnat, Nigaron Masters, Dark Tortur Masters, Fury Mastersons, Demonix Mastersones, Hellhound Masters, Super Fire Mastersons + Boss Tauron.

Added Demon Helmet VIII Quest (lvl 1700 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Nemiroz, Bezeraker Masterso.

Added Elementium Quest (lvl 1900 +)

zobacz quest w pełnej okazałości.

the presence of monsters in the quest

Ziraptor, Diblonik Mastersonser, Deranox Masterso, Plaganes Masterso, Dark Tortur Masterso, Lost Soulans Masterso, Fury Mastersonser, Demonix Mastersoneso, Hellhound Masterso, Undead Uner Masterso + Boss Elementar.

For each profession added new spell

For Profession Knight added spell "Exori Smoke"

For Profession Paladin added spell "Exevo Fly"

For Profession Sorcerer added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Assassin"

For Profession Druid added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Ghost"

added new exp with monsters

Draken Elite, Sea Serpent, Brainiak, Letheus, Aquamentin, Ice Demon, Medusa, Faroner, Demolandes, Destructor Pumpkin, Santic, Ice Master, Death Dragon, Zorobaster, Undead Dragonair.

Added new Tasks with monsters

Drozer, Plantas, Electric, Faroner, Trinsein, Destructor Pumpkin, Santic, Ice Master, Death Dragon, Undead Dragonair, Levis, Triper, Galfactor, Mycid, Ziraptor, Oraclus, Nemiroz

Added Characters Auctions players can there

buy and sell characters for premium points.

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