Best Evo Ots New Start!

1.10.2009 - Simson OTS Ab Dendriel and Kalwaria

Added were new teleports on exp in Ab'dendriel (Depo)

Quests such as

Summer Dress Quest,
Heavy Mace Quest

Great Shield Quest,
Crystal Wand Quest

Dwarven Legs Quest,
Pits of Inferno V Quest,
Fantastical Quest

the city transports Npc Captain Traveller

The New Town on Rookgaard (Kalwaria)

Quests such as

Demon Legs Quest,
Heavy Mace Quest

Upgrading Rune Quest,Pits of Inferno III Quest

the city transports Npc Captain Rook

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4. Keaa TerminalsLevel: (2665)
5. NiebieskiLevel: (2653)
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