30.12.2011 - Simson OTS UPDATE

New quests, raids, hunting grounds.

Source of Fire Quest, Engine Quest, Blue Ring Quest, Levitation Quest, Demon Helmet VI Quest, Secret of The King Quest.

quests are located in the City, depot level - 4

New Raids

Bazerion (Goroma), Certion (Ankaros), Centurion (Ankaros)

new hunting grounds with monsters

Samber, Wingor, Santic, Oraclus.

improved several casinos + added new promotions (Legend)
it can be purchased from NPC Promoter.

all new monsters and bosses

Samber, Wingor, Santic, Levis, Oraclus, Craptor, Gambler, Drazer, Goliathus, Bazerion, Certion, Centurion.

Like every year, he appeared NPC New Year's Eve is located on the top floor of the depository Town City.

More information about quests and monsters seek to SimsonOTS Wiki

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