5.9.2011 - Simson OTS 120 Quest Done

New Quests

Dark Tower, Diablo Amulet,
Flame Ring, Star Ring, Ruler of The Undead, Lord of The Pharaohs Quest.

quests are located in the City, depot level - 4

Hesperd Forgotten House, In Forgotten House Quest.

quests are located on the island of Tantalum access to them is only after tasków NPC Melaine

on the island of Tantalum also added a system of portals, which significantly shortens the local places.

New Monsters, Bosses

Dipter, Electric, Plantas. Amissa Anima, Maxima Lethe, Aqua Elementum, Timor Contagiosa,
Soulless Triton, Terribilis Martyr, Ripper, Finezaro, Startracker, Undero, Rahardes.

each gate lvlowa except for the final quest has been reduced to 150 lvl (PvP)

also added ten casinos they are in the City (deposit on the top floor)

More information about quests and monsters, see simsonots wiki

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4. Zajaraj ZioloLevel: (3180)
5. ElderoLevel: (2662)
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