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I Will Get You

Gdyż jestem przelewem

Astrocomet is guild leader of I Will Get You.
The guild was founded on Simson OTS on 9 December 2017.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Demolic2002 Ultimate Elder Druid
Fristajlo3284 Eternal Master Sorcerer
Hooligan Druid1982 Ultimate Elder Druid
Kozaczek2723 Eternal Elite Knight
Mocne Pierdalniecie1920 Ultimate Master Sorcerer
Jednoosobowa Armia
Astro Madafaka3390 Eternal Elder Druid
Astrocomet (MISTRZ)3585 Eternal Elder Druid
Johnny Zabijaka3166 Eternal Elder Druid
Klaas Jan Huntelaar (JESTEM GRACZEM)2851 Eternal Elite Knight
Zajebisty (JANUSZ TRACZ)3454 Eternal Master Sorcerer
Dobra Duszkaa (Jebiesukinabosaka)1960 Ultimate Elder Druid
Draqo Taktyk (ALL EYEZ ON ME)3690 Eternal Elder Druid
Naturemagg2976 Eternal Elder Druid
Przemek (No hej co tam?)4381 Eternal Master Sorcerer
Sesadare3364 Eternal Elder Druid
Verv1797 Ultimate Master Sorcerer
Yukishima1787 Legend Royal Paladin

Invited Characters
Lucas Hood
Gdyz Jestem Dywanem

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild17
Number of Members Online in Guild9
Total Level in guild48312
Avg Level in guild2842
Lowest Level in guildYukishima (1787 level)
Highest Level in guildPrzemek (4381 level)
Number of Invited Members2

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy

0 : 3

On a brutal war
Began on May 08 2018, 21:41:28.
The frag limit is set to 999 frags, without any payment.

I Will Get You
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. PrzemekLevel: (4381)
2. Dassault RafaleLevel: (4226)
3. Gdyz Jestem DywanemLevel: (3887)
4. Draqo TaktykLevel: (3690)
5. AstrocometLevel: (3585)
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Starts in 0h 0m!
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