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Hardstyle Team

Poland Team
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Alanya is guild leader of Hardstyle Team.
The guild was founded on Simson OTS on 7 May 2018.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title
Alanya (Rest In Peace -.-)937 Protector Elder Druid
Dark Fiz934 Boss Master Sorcerer
Ohyeah (Ohyeah :D)871 King Elite Knight
Paxons (Bring me to Thais)884 King Elder Druid
Undertaker Divine861 Elite Knight
Bardox (Most Brutal Dubstep Drops)744 Boss Elder Druid
Dill Pallacz310 Boss Elder Druid
Rexxore512 Elder Druid

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Guild Statistic
Number of Members in Guild8
Number of Members Online in Guild2
Total Level in guild6053
Avg Level in guild757
Lowest Level in guildDill Pallacz (310 level)
Highest Level in guildAlanya (937 level)
Number of Invited Members0

Active Wars
Aggressor Information Enemy
Currently there are no active wars.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

1. PrzemekLevel: (2474)
2. ArmenikusLevel: (2422)
3. FristajloLevel: (2408)
4. AstrocometLevel: (2124)
5. Gdyz Jestem DywanemLevel: (2112)
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