- Tibia, Ots, Open Tibia Server Legend Real Map New Edition!

29.3.2011 - 2 years Simson OTS Server !!

On this occasion was established 8 new quests for Maini

Nerol,Natural Plant,Demolandes Continuation,Fist Claw,Labirynt V,Imperial,The Old Muses,Champion Underworld Quest.

Quests are located in City (depo - 1)

New Monsters

Nerol, Arbelos, Triper, Mycid

main added invasions poi bosses attackers randomly SEAL (POI V,POI VI)

10 new quests Rookgard + spell exevo holy

Elvish Bow,Golem Ring,Brown Jacket,Medusa,Speed Amulet,Nighalak,labirynt II,Labirynt III,Labirynt IV,Mystical Underworld Quest.

Quests are located in (Hardcore Land)

rook added invasions poi bosses attackers random skills on the (POI VI)

Simson and Gambal OTS Wiki created by the player Fazahixi

(For the next three days to attack different bosses + double exp simson ots!).

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